FILMS and ENTERTAINMENT

                                                                              WELCOME TO OUR WEB SITE!

                               Lighthouse Productions Films and Entertainment is a new movie production company that was    
                               created with careful thought after many times of talking about how amazing it would be to make a film.
                               Since we are both lovers of nature and of the arts with high respect for them, we decided to explore 
                               the possibility of making our dream a reality. By embracing the film industry, we can make our
                               imagination come to life through the art of making movies. Thus, Lighthouse Productions Films and 
                               Entertainment was born.

                                Lighthouse Productions Films and Entertainment is an independent company that produces
                                fiction and non-fiction feature films and educational documentaries. Our mission is to produce
                                films of added value to the viewers. We want to focus on stories that will touch our hearts and give
                                lessons to the audience, including children and young adult viewers, without showing gruesome 
                                scenes and too much brutality towards human beings. It may be impossible but we want to at least
                                bring back a little bit of what life was like before. Movies were plain and simple and were categorized
                                as classics. They were clean and had their own beauty that gave satisfaction to the viewers and
                                filmmakers. However, that will only be achieved if people will learn to embrace the word "change".

                                Change is the key word to make the world a better place to live. Deep in our hearts, we still believe
                                that change can happen anytime, anywhere, sometime, somewhere...only if we want to. 



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