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     Brian McNeany   
     Carolyn Paine
        as "Jenny" 

   Chris Salvatore
        as "Chris"



      Jeff Phillips 
         as "Bill"


     Nancy Walsh
       as "Debbie"

        Peter Rapp
         as "Frank"

  Joshua Lee Ramos
          as "Jay" 

     Curley Marcano

            as "Leo" 

    Gloria Gick 
as "Lillian" 

plays the role of "Paul" in "The Return". His film and TV credits include "Pleasantville", Mystic
River", "Guiding Light", VH1 commercials and various industries. His stage credits include "To
Forgive, Divine", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wool?", "Taming of the Shrew", "The Boys Next Door" and
"Orphans". He lives just outside Boston, Massachussetts.

Brian would like to thank the Salvatore family for writing such a wonderful script and providing him
a fantastic opportunity to grow as an actor.

A graduate of University of Hartford with a degree in Drama and Art History, Carolyn, a native of
Boston, MA continued to pursue an acting career. She has performed in regional theatre
productions including "The Laramie Project", "The Philadelphia Story", "Conduct of Life",
Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" and "Noises Off". She has appeared in several independent
films, one of which, directed by Sean Dermond, was honored by NYU. She can be found in commercials, voice overs and as a model in art and advertising.

Carolyn also spent many years training for a professional ballet career. She also studied and performed with Boston Ballet, Ballet Theatre of Boston, Pennsylvania Ballet, Acadmie de Dance Classique in Monte Carlo and Ecole Superieur de Danse in France. She lives, dances and teaches in Connecticut and currently dancing with Hartford Ballet Theatre.

Chris showed his talents even when he was still a toddler. He always sang, acted and danced. He is a parochial student since Pre-K and at the age of 5 years old, he started to participate at his school activities, The Talent Show, by singing and dancing and sometimes did a duet with his sister, April.
He is very talented when it comes to drawing. The details are unbelievable. He loves to build things from legos and other materials with a lot of imagination involved. He expressed his love for animation as he is developing to be a real good artist. He is also into History. He loves to play drums, guitar and piano and very fascinated with movies like Spider Man, Batman, Star Wars and James Bond.

However, it is not until the movie "The Return" that he expressed his interest in acting when the production company was looking for a child actor. He then underwent a tough audition to prove that he could do it. He passed with flying colors and got a lot of good comments from people who were very impressed with his acting ability after watching the movie premier which was shown last Nov. 6, 2004 in Connecticut.


eff who plays the overbearing father
in "The Return" has been pursuing acting for the last seven years. He has been seen on stage, screen and television thoughout the Boston area. He has appeared in over 30 films including "Right of the Meridian" from Coppermine Films and "A House Divided" from Jodom Pictures. In addition, he has done extra work in a number of the Hollywood productions that have come through town, including " A Civil Action", "Meet Joe Black" and " Fever Pitch".

Jeff said he enjoyed his work with Vince and Lina and wishes them much luck with
"The Return".


ancy played as the passive mother of Jenny in "The Return" who stood for her man (Bill) until the end thinking that by doing it nobody will get hurt and their family will remain intact.

Some of Nancy's credits include as the Principal in Mass State Lottery Commercial, Eye World and Bank Boston to mention a few along with a part in "Housesitters" filmed in Boston. As a New Age Model graduate with awards in Achievement and Runway Proficiency, Nancy's professional modeling career lead to Print Work and Fashion Shows expanding to commercial and various movies.

She said she is honored to be part of "The Return", a future award-winning film.  

Peter played as Paul's father who never gave up hope in "The Return". He has been in numerous Films/TV, Theater and Commercials too numerous to mention. Films and TV credits include "Blind Spot", "Mystic River", "The Mark", "Man on a Bench", "Exact Change" and "Dead Ringer". Theater credits include "Sunshine Boys", "Annie", "Fiddler on the Roof", "Damn Yankees", "Guys and Dolls", "Miracle on 34th Street", "Once Upon a Mattress", "Music Man", "Camelot", "Oliver", "Carousel", "Bye Bye Birdie", "The King and I", "West Side Story and others. 

Peter was also in different commercials like Ficco's Bowladrome, Tracer Methodology Video, York Hospital, The Huntington at Nashua, Danvers Saturn and The Pharmacy of Tomorrow.


osh who played Paul's desperate best friend in "The Return" got the biggest surprise of his life when luck unexpectedly landed into his lap one day. He learned that it can happen to anybody sometimes in the most unexpected way.

Josh graduated at University of Hartford in May 2003 with B.A. on Drama. Besides "The Return", his other film credit is "Ringolivio" of Spetrino Pictures. He was also the Director for "Conduct of Life"; Assistant Director for "The Triumph of Love" and "The Laramie Project" all from University of Hartford play. Also other theater credits include "The Philadelphia Story", "Uncle Vanya", "Mad Forest", "As You Like It", "A Flea In Her Ear", "Lysistrata 2000" and "The Adding Machine". He has done some Print/Commercial and Modeling.


urley played the role of Leo in "The Return" who was very loyal to Bill Stewart's family and became Chris' personal driver and confidante. His TV credits include "Law and Order", "New York Undercover", "Central Park West" and "OZ". His film credits include "Private Parts", "Kicked In The Head" and "Monday Night Mayhem".

Curley graduated from University of Hartford in Connecticut with the Degree of Fine Arts and also in Herbert Berghof Studio in New York City for Speech 1. He has also done some Commercials and Print and continued to pursue his acting career.


loria played the role of Lillian in "The Return" as Bill's sister who kept the family's secret for years.

Besides from this movie, Gloria's film credit was "A Day In The Life of Noah Webster" where she plays Mercy Webster, young Noah's mother. Most often she will be seen on stage. Some of Gloria's credits include "You Can't Take It With You", "The Importance of Being Earnest", "Our Town", "The Dining Room", "Meet Me In St. Louis" and "Anything Goes". She has also been a featured soloist for many years with the Plainville Choral Society. She has been an active Director for the last ten years and is currently the Artistic Director of Simsbury Summer Theatre for Youth.


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