FILMS and ENTERTAINMENT

                                                                                    LINA M. SALVATORE    
                                                                       Director / Writer / Exec Producer / Editor  

                                    BIOGRAPHY :

                                                Being a movie buff ever since she was a child, Lina always had a passion and curiosity
                                    about making movies but never thought that someday she would make her dream a reality. In
                                    her school days, she loved to write and direct her friends and classmates be it in a classroom
                                    or on stage. For her, it is complete satisfaction to see her story come to life. After finishing
                                    college with a Business Degree, she went to work for different companies, government and
                                    private institutions. However, she still continued to direct stage plays when asked to do so.
                                    After many years of working, her passion for movies still lingered on her mind. Still working full
                                    time, she decided to write a story and together with her husband, Vince, they went to study
                                    more about film at Boston Film and Video Foundation in Boston, Massachussetts and then
                                    attended some workshops both in Boston and New York. After twelve and a half years with
                                    Fleet Boston Financial Corporation now merged with Bank of America, she finally decided to
                                    get out to do her own private venture along with her husband.

                                                " THE RETURN "  basically is her first big Independent Feature Film Directorial 
                                    debut, besides being the writer and Executive Producer. It was premiered last Nov. 6, 2004
                                    in Connecticut, drawing over a thousand viewers, and got a very good response from the
                                    public. The film will be distributed both here in the U.S. and abroad. She also did a short film 
                                    at Boston Film and Video Foundation entitled "Best Friends" which was chosen by her instructor,
                                    Director Raouf Zaki. as the best screenplay in the class. She was also the writer and Assistant
                                    Director for the short film, "The Plan" which was also shot in Boston.

                                                 In the last quarter of 2007, she finished another story which she hopes to make it into
                                    a film when the right time comes. They hope to get grants and help from investors since,  this time,
                                    it is a bigger film that requires a bigger budget. 

                                                Most recently Lina was the Editor for the historical documentary film: "Portland Head Light
                                    and The Lighthouses of Maines Casco Bay"
 which was broadcast on Maine / Rhode Island PBS and
                                    the NRB  Satellite Network nationally on Direct TV.


                                                                                      VINCE SALVATORE       
                                                                    Director of Photography / Exec Producer / Editor


                                                Vince was always fascinated by the moving image at an early age and his life in 
                                    video and television production began in the early 1980s where he worked for public TV as an
                                    Assistant Cameraman and Lighting Director on various studio and location projects. After
                                    that, he worked for an NBC affiliate as a Cameraman, Editor and Lighting Director for twelve
                                    years. He went on to attend various professional intensive workshops in digital filmmaking
                                    in Boston, Massachussetts and New York City with top Directors of Photography like
                                    Rob Draper, ACS who has done documentaries and feature films such as ("The Spitfire
                                    Grill", "Tales from the Crypt" and "Ed" the TV series); David Leitner ("The Technical Writer")
                                    and Dan Hnatio who has done TV productions on a national basis.

                                                 Some of his film and television credits include a full feature film entitled " THE RETURN " 
                                    in which he was Director of Photography, Executive Producer and contributing Editor; short feature
                                    films entitled "Best Friends", "The Plan" and "Exact "Change"; a Docudrama entitled "Every Fifteen
                                    Minutes" produced by the National Organization Every Fifteen Minutes and most recently Producer /
                                    Cinematographer for the historical documentary film "Portland Head Light and The Lighthouses
                                    of Maines 
Casco Bay"
which was broadcast on Maine / Rhode Island PBS and the NRB Satellite
                                    Network nationally on Direct TV.

                                                  Vince also has worked on various TV commercials, music videos and corporate training /
                                    promotional projects. 


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