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MAINE LIGHTHOUSES                                                    
Maine is a beautiful State with many lighthouses to boast. Many people from around the world come to visit and admire the beauty of the Pine Tree State's lighthouses. They stand sentinel against all types of weather conditions and continue to make history in the 21st century. 

Some of these lighthouses are on small rocky ledges and are difficult to visit but have many stories to tell. The doleful cry of the foghorn that warns mariners at sea during thick and foggy conditions and the serenity of the beacon that proudly beams at night are quiet gestures that give peace and assurance to anyone who goes down to the sea. Sad to say, some of these lighthouses are almost forgotten. But for Authors, Historians and Enthusiasts, the lighthouses will always be part of the history that should never be forgotten.

For many years in our lives, my family came to visit Maine regularly not only because of its scenic beauty but because we are drawn by the history of New England and the story behind these lighthouses. There is this craving of knowing how it all started and the thirst of discovering about the lives of the Lightkeepers. How they lived day by day without any electricity especially those who were assigned miles away from the the middle of the ocean.... facing those frightening brutal storms and fighting against those giant thundering waves that sometimes deeply covered the base of the lighthouse and that they had to climb up to the top of the tower to find refuge. 

Whether the lighthouses were at the shoreline or offshore with sharp ledges around them, Lightkeepers were and are the unsung heroes for all sea travelers because of their heroic acts in order to save lives, even if it means losing their own lives, and also of their perseverance, courage and sacrifices to always keep the lights burning no matter what the weather conditions maybe.

Watching a beautiful lighthouse makes you feel like you also want to live there. With these documentaries, we love to intimately share to the viewers the lives of the Keepers and their they sacrificed so much just to keep the lights burning. These are their stories that you will hear straight from them, their descendants or from Historians who strive to keep their stories alive to share with everybody and for future generations. These are their stories that will make you appreciate life more. That no matter what the consequences are, this documentary will make you realize  that life should never be taken for granted and that we are here for a special reason.    

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                        Cape Elizabeth, Maine




                   NUBBLE LIGHT
                  Cape Neddick Light Station
                               York, Maine


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