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and the LIGHTHOUSES of
                Maine's Casco Bay

ortland Head L
ight is the first and the oldest of all Maine's lighthouses. It is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in America located in Casco Bay at the entrance of Portland Harbor. There was once seven lighthouses (Portland Breakwater, Spring Point Ledge, Ram Island Ledge, Halfway Rock, Portland Head, Cape Elizabeth East and Cape Elizabeth West) that marked
 the waters of Casco Bay and Portland Harbor and one lightship.

Portland Head Light and the Lighthouses of Maine's Casco Bay is our first documentary film
that was made with lots of work and patience put into it just to get the facts and finding the right people such as the Keepers, Historians, Authors and Lightkeepers' descendants. We are so amazed of the many stories that we have learned about which are shared with the viewers. It is in this documentary that we discovered their hardships that no one would probably wish to endure. It is through this documentary that we have such a high regard for the Lightkeepers and could not thank them enough for keeping the lights burning no matter what the weather conditions may be. Above all, they also deserve a high honor, respect and appreciation for saving the lives of the mariners even if it means losing their own lives. Their heroism and courage should never be forgotten. They are truely unsung heroes.

Also, we would like to sincerely thank those who widely opened their doors to us and lent their helping hands without hesitation to finish this documentary and keep this dream a reality. 


These DVDs are available at the following
outlets/Gift Shops:

    1.  Portland Head Light Gift Shop
         Cape Elizabeth, Maine

    2.  Sohier Park Gift Shop
          " Nubble Light "
          York, Maine

    3.  South Portland Historical Society
         Bug Light Park
         So. Portland, Maine

    4.  Land's End Gift Shop
         Bailey Island, Maine

    5.  American Lighthouse Foundation
         464 Main Street
         Rockland, Maine

    6.  Maine Historical Society 
         489 Congress St.
         Portland, Maine
    7.  Maine Lighthouse Museum
         Rockland, Maine

    8.  Portland Harbor Museum
         510 Congress St.
         Portland, Maine 04101

    9.  Kittery Historical & Naval Museum
         Kittery, Maine

 10.  Candle Shack
         Two Lights Road
         Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  11.  Lighthouse Digest
          East Machias, Maine

  12.  Lighthouse Depot
          U.S. Route 1 North
          2178 Post Road  
          Wells, Maine

  13.  Borders, Books and Music - Maine Mall
         South Portland, Maine        
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Lighthouse Documentary Trailer

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                                IN POST PRODUCTION ...

A historical documentary film entitled: Nubble Lighthouse - Beacon of Hope and Boon Island Light - A Lonesome Place in History. Both Lighthouses are located in southern Maine with Boon Island Lighthouse on a remote island. The DVD documentary consists of vintage photography and unbelievable stories as related by Authors, Historians, the Light Keepers themselves and their descendants. The very interesting  experiences they talk about are ones  you wouldn't want to miss! Listen to the hair raising detailed story about the famous Nottingham Galley shipwreck that happened at Boon Island during a deadly blizzard on the night of December 11, 1710. The crews' will to live is very difficult to fathom even to this day. Hear from the Captain himself.....his story of what happened during that ill-fated night and the days that followed. Target date of release is 2014.

Please check back again for more updates.

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   Narration provided by:  Andrew Montesi  


View filmmakers interview at NBC affiliate WCSH - TV Portland, Maine 





































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