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                                MOVIE SYNOPSIS:

                                " THE RETURN " is an emotional story about a young father (Paul - played by Brian McNeany) and son
                               (Chris - played by Christopher Salvatore) who got separated for years when the son's grandfather
                               (Bill - played by Jeff Phillips) interfered with his daughter's (Jenny - played by Carolyn Paine) relationship
                               with Paul. After ten years of not seeing his son, who believed he was already dead, Paul realized that he
                               has to introduce himself to Chris again without scaring him or hurting his feelings for not being there for
                               him for many years. He befriended Chris slowly and was ready to tell him the truth when a bad situation,
                               that could have been deadly, occured and prevented Paul from doing it to avoid Chris from getting hurt
                               again in case something will happen to him.  
                              The question is: Will Paul ever get the chance to tell Chris that he is his father before it is too late? 

                              The story tells about love, hatred, hope, selfishness, loyalty, patience, kindness and forgiveness. It also
                               tells about a father's love for his child that is immeasurable in many ways. How Paul's father 
                               (Frank Caruso - played by Peter Rapp) showed that hope is very much possible even in an almost hopeless
                               case.  How Jenny's mother (Debbie - played by Nancy Walsh) learned a big lesson for being so passive
                               under some circumstances. A very sad story with an unforeseen and unexpected twist at the end, it evokes 
                               our feelings as human beings. Dramatic as it can be, it entails how a person reacts as we face challenges
                               everyday of our lives. 

                               " THE RETURN "  was premiered on the big screen in Connecticut at Central Connecticut State University
                               Welte Theater last November 6, 2004 drawing over a thousand viewers. It was well received by the audience. 
                               Presently, the film is being prepared for domestic and foreign distribution.                     



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