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is our first film that was made after over a year of preparation. We are extremely amazed of how friends and other people, even complete strangers, opened their doors to help us realized our dream.
The movie has an extraordinary story that would evoke someone's emotion. The most important thing is, the moral  in the story is something to ponder on. There maybe some questions about how and why things happened (that should not suppose to happen) but the actors portrayed it in a way that  justifies the situation although it is sometimes hard for an ordinary individual to accept it.  It is in this story that makes you think about how life can be simple but can turn  complicated...sometimes.

It is true that we are in the world of too much hatred and vengeance around us but the "THE RETURN" will somehow  bring someone's emotion back to what life really is. We are not living in a world of fantasy. We are hoping that with this film, "THE RETURN" will somehow bring someone's feelings back to reality.  That there is still lots of hope and prosperity ahead of us if we only act accordingly in order to save us from the world we live in today.

"THE RETURN" will be distributed soon, both locally and internationally.

(NOTE: Due to circumstances and technical issues, "THE RETURN" was not distributed immediately. Please check back again for the date of the release.

Thank you.)

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