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                                                          Lighthouse Productions
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                                 was conceived in June 2002.  The idea was created when Vince and Lina Salvatore, who were                          
                                 both interested in the filmmaking process, talked about it one day. Vince, a professional
                                 photographer who used to work at
an affiliate
NBC TV Station 
as a Cameraman, Lighting Director 
                                 and Editor, contributed his ideas on the technical side. On the other hand, Lina, who always 
                                 loved to write stories or screenplays and direct plays even in her younger days, took care of the 
                                 creativity and vision.

                                 It was not an easy task for both of them but they believed they could do it. They attended classes
                                 on filmmaking at
Boston Film and Video Foundation, in Boston, Massachussetts with 
                                 Director Raouf Zaki, and went to attend seminars in New York. After the class ended, Vince continued
                                 to attend some workshops in cinematography both in Boston and New York. Lina, despite her busy
                                 schedule who used to
work full time at Fleet Boston Financial Corporation now Bank of America and
                                 as a mother of two young children, Chris and April, wrote her first script whenever she could. She
                                 writes at night whenever time was available and waking up in the wee hours on weekends and slept
                                 late just to catch up on time.

                                 Basically, this is really just a husband and wife team. While Lina was at work, Vince took care of
                                 calling actors for auditions, researching equipment to be used in filmmaking, setting up appointments
                                 and just doing almost everything necessary to prepare the things needed for the movie besides
                                 accomodating video and photography assignments. On weekends, together with their children, Vince
                                 and Lina normally spent their time looking for locations and doing auditions. After undergoing a tough
                                 audition, their son Chris got the role of the child who was
deprived by his father's love because of the
                                 latter's absence for many years.

                                 Finally, the script was ready and everything was set up to start production. With the help of some good
                                 friends around, who offered their help voluntarily, the couple took off in making their first full feature film
 " THE RETURN "....





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